Air-Dynamic’s exclusive Secret Hangar Gala

Success for the 2023 edition of the private aviation society.

The picturesque location of Lugano-Agno Airport became the exclusive stage for the “Secret Hangar 2023” which provided the 250 Air-Dynamic guests with intense moments of class and generosity.

Excellence Magazine
 once again has been the media partner of this elegant evening, where entertainment and charity were the stars of the event born in 2013 and organized by Air-Dynamic, a leading company in the field of Lugano-based private aviation. This year’s edition featured an exceptional program involving VIP guests, singers, artists and prestigious sponsors.

“Air-Dynamic is deeply committed to UNHCR’s support of education initiatives for high potential people in aviation – emphasizes Raffaella Meledandri, CEO of the company who curated every detail with the direction of Simonetta Rota – and our event allowed us to raise funds for the Aiming Higher campaign, which aims to provide access to education for 500,000 young refugees by 2030.”.

Air-Dynamic also supports the Emergency Action Fund for forcibly displaced peopleto receive protection and assistance through a strong and rapid global response.
The most poignant moment in this important journey of cooperation with the United Nations Refugee Program came with the speech of Maya Ghazal, the UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador who spoke as guest of honor.

“I fled Damascus in 2015. Before the conflict in Syria I had a normal life with my family, I have happy memories. Suddenly, we faced the scarcity of essential resources such as water, food and electricity, in addition to the constant danger from the war’s bombs. I had to change schools three times to ensure my safety.”

At the age of 16, Maya started a new life in the UK through a family reunification program, facing several challenges, including education, as her Syrian study certificates were not recognized by British schools.

“Every refugee possesses unique qualities and skills that can enrich the world, and I admire those who believe and invest in their potential. I sincerely thank you for your support, all people deserve to be regarded as human beings with dreams and hopes, especially those who are suffering.”

The warm applause for Maya Ghazal, a beacon of hope and inclusion as the first Syrian refugee woman to become a pilot at the age of 21, crowned a gala evening also dedicated, of course, to the aviation and to the travel: in particular, the safaris of, the exclusive destinations in Norway with Ultimate Placesand at Alula in Saudi Arabia with Gotko Hospitality Group.

Adding to the attractiveness of the event with their impressive presence on the runway are Falcon 2000 LX aircraft from France’s Dassault Aviation, the industry leader and longtime partner of Air-Dynamic, and the new 12 NGX from Pilatus Aircraft in Stans. The Lilium Jet eVTOL, in full launch phase, already represents an unprecedented innovation that will be part of the Lugano-based company’s fleet from 2026. This all-electric aircraft is distinguished by its virtually silent noise profile, providing rapid travel between urban centers with a range of 175 km and a speed of 280 km/h.

Great international talent also took center stage on the night: two women with strong personalities like Raffaella Meledandri and Anna Oxa enlivened another indelible chapter of this event. Air-Dynamic, in fact, wanted to mark the singer and artist’s more than 45-year career with a plaque, accompanied by an extraordinarily intense video featuring a song from her latest production. His presence on stage as a “special guest” involved the guests in a choral praise.

Much appreciated also Serena Maisto who, with her unprecedented trajectories, made a live painting that was auctioned off to benefit UNHCR‘s support program, while guests enjoyed dinner by Michelin-starred chef Luca Bellanca of Restaurant Meta, accompanied by the prestigious wines of AVU Group. Also featured is the art of Mattia Sommovigo (aka Skygolpe), Nazareno Biondo and Jesse Draxler.

The program was closed with the space reserved for the “Charity Time”: the auction and raffle raffled off the wonderful prizes by Roberta Bresci of Bentley and Lamborghini, Martin and Aris Accola of Howden Insurance, Isabella Garino of Loilà Cosmetic, Ottone Puopolo with Verdura Resort, Fabrizio Zanollo of Castelli Bag, a dress by Umberto Cataldo De Pace, Luigi Caterino of Longevity Suite, Oscar Capitanio of Boutique Zegna, Andrea Cameroni for Castello Thomson, and Villa Principe Leopoldo, Collina d’oro, The View Hotel and Splendid, Circo Knie and Teatro Dimitri.

Special thanks were also given to the presenters, the influencer Christa Rigozzi and the young artist Nick Antik, along with the actress Laura Barriales and the singer Leonardo Monteiro, who graced the evening with their friendliness and charm.